Immediate steps to take after an accident

You can’t always prevent a car accident from occurring, however, you can always be prepared. Since car accidents involve insurance companies, both drivers need to collect the necessary information. Stay calm and follow these six simple steps to insure you have all your bases covered in the unfortunate event of a car accident. 1. The most important thing is to stay calm at all times. Letting the emotions get out of control will only make the situation worse, and make it harder to take care of the things that need to be done. 2. Make sure you and your passengers are okay and not injured. While it is important to move as far off the road as possible, it is also important—if not more so—to remai

Top 10 Ways To Get Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer

Warm weather means long weekend getaways and even longer vacation road trips, and taking the time to perform seasonal maintenance today can help avoid trouble later. Here are 10 tips for spring and summer car care. In some cases, you'll be able to perform these procedures yourself. Others are best done by a mechanic as part of a tune-up. Some will help your vehicle look better. Most will help it perform more efficiently and get better gas mileage. Get rid of road salt on the undercarriage. Road salt can damage your vehicle by eating away at its undercarriage. Use a garden hose with as much water pressure as your system can muster to loosen winter grime and salt. Or, if you have a movable law

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