October 18, 2016

Basic auto care and maintenance are two ways to keep your car on the road all year long.
October is fall car care month so we have put together a few things you can do to get ready
for cooler weather !

    Check all fluids: including engine oil, power steering, brake...

July 22, 2016

 For most of us, summertime means travel. You might be planning a summer vacation, traveling on the weekend to a summer cabin, or just spending your evenings out enjoying the hot summer nights. Much is said every year about winter driving conditions and how cold weathe...

June 9, 2016

The secret is that there is no real secret to getting a vehicle to last a long time. The difference is maintenance. Regular fluid checks and a rigorous dedication to scheduled lubrication will keep the power train going strong.

What kind of oil, brake fluid, and grease...

May 25, 2016



Strong winds from a tornado are capable of picking up debris and depositing it miles away from where it was lifted. If winds are strong enough, cars can be blown over and picked up by the tornado. It is important to know what to do if you are driving and become caugh...

April 9, 2016

Coverage can be a lifesaver, but consider your needs before you buy



When your car breaks down, it’s a relief to have roadside assistance to call on for help day or night. Those plans provide basic services, such as towing, changing a flat tire, and jump-starting a veh...

March 10, 2016


You can’t always prevent a car accident from occurring, however, you can always be prepared. Since car accidents involve insurance companies, both drivers need to collect the necessary information. Stay calm and follow these six simple steps to insure you have all you...

March 10, 2016

Warm weather means long weekend getaways and even longer vacation road trips, and taking the time to perform seasonal maintenance today can help avoid trouble later.


Here are 10 tips for spring and summer car care. In some cases, you'll be able to perform these procedu...

November 24, 2015


Batteries are a lot like people in winter; they like to stay warm and be fed regularly to keep their internal chemical reactions happy, even if they're getting less exercise. We compensate with multiple holiday feasts and beer. Your car's battery needs its own annual...

October 13, 2015


Has your vehicle been recalled for a safety defect?

Has that defect been repaired?


Get the latest news and information from NHTSA and automakers on recent auto recalls.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has established a website that allows car owners...

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